2.4 metre Heron - quite a bird !

If you have a model, either electric or glow, that you feel has such a great setup that it would be beneficial for others to know about, then tell us about it here!

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2.4 metre Heron - quite a bird !

Postby uplink » Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:53 pm


Well yes, this one goes to prove I do sometimes buy models rather than build them.

That said, this version of the Heron is obviously rated as a 'build' - at least to some degree - as it is marketed as Multiplex's 'kit' version of the Heron.

IMG_0739HeronParts LoRes.JPG

Here we see the 'bits and bobs' parts in the kit.

As you can see, there are a lot of strengthening rods and tubes - all enabling the Elapor foam parts to achieve the required rigidity and strength needed to take on some of the quite punishing aerobatics that this machine is capable of.

This is the You Tube short video of a few aerobatics - it sold me on this being a capable and strong machine - and yes, I can now confirm, she will readily perform these without folding the wings.

So, quite a capable and easy to fly machine - you don't have to fly her as 'aggressively' as in the video.

The kit build is well documented and is very straight forward.

IMG_1421Heron LoRes.JPG

An essential, for me, with this kind of plane, are flaps which can be deployed at a large enough angle as to act as air brakes - when in strong lift they give you the control and means of getting down ! The Heron has these and so, as can be seen, sports 4 servos in the wings.

The servos for the elevator and rudder are mounted in the fin with their wiring extensions feeding down a large bore fuselage stiffening tube.

The cabin area where the battery, ESC and Rx live is a touch on the tight side - it all does fit, but I found myself pondering for a while on how I could place the two antenna from my Spektrum receiver so they were not shielded by battery or the collection of servo wires.

IMG_1433Heron LoRes.JPG

The canopy retention system appears really good, as does the way the wing half main spar protrusions link with each other inside the fuselage to form a very strong wing connection - the spars are themselves tough looking guys: square ali tubes with carbon fibre centres.

Decals carefully applied and she looks eager to fly.....

IMG_1490Heron LoRes.JPG

But then there is the necessary initial control setting up to do.. which when you use a DX6i transmitter, with no sailplane setup section and just 6 channels, it gets a bit interesting at times: -
the left aileron plugs into the aux port but is programmed as flap
and the flaps plug, via a Y lead, into the Gear port and program as Gear and operated by the Gear switch
and the two ailerons can then be ganged together to both flick upwards to give a spoileron action using - yes, you guessed it - the flap switch.


And after a few setting up adjustment flights, here she is, non the worse for completing a rather wing straining aerobatic work-out.

IMG_1904Heron at Mns&Dist 2 LoRes.JPG
IMG_1905Heron at Mns&Dist LoRes.JPG

Yes, for a reasonable price and a few hours work, I'd say, this Heron is going to have little trouble in pleasing quite a lot of pilots.


And more proof of how strong this plane is - check out this 'throw around' at time around 5:00 into the video:


Now THAT'S a thermal.

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Re: Heron

Postby uplink » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:32 pm

The motor I used was one I've also got in my Uptern 2015, where it has done an excellent job, so off of ebay - a AGM GT 2820/07 850kv driving the prop which comes with the kit - a 12 x 6 folding prop.

The ESC is a 40A HK Blue Series SBEC supplied by a 3s 1800mah battery - though a 2200mah should fit fine and give a bit longer than my approx 8 min aerobatic flights - mind you my batts are now about 3 yrs old and capacity is down to more like 1200mah now.

Since I only have 6 channels, using a Spektrum AR610 Rx and a DX6i Tx, I had to Y lead the two flap servos and as the cutouts in the wings are mirror images it means the flap servos need to drive in different directions, hence I bought a small cheap servo reversing circuit to fit in line with one of the servo leads.


Here's my way of fitting those servos in the fin - the plastic card and plastic glued in rawl plugs are my way of screwing on an access hatch, so as to readily service/change out the servos - should the need ever arise. I don't like to have to 'butcher' the plane when servo teeth get stripped.

Link to online manual - English version starts page 16 :

https://www.manualslib.com/manual/11130 ... =16#manual

and diagrams start page 32:

https://www.manualslib.com/manual/11130 ... =32#manual
Now THAT'S a thermal.

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Re: Heron

Postby Puffin » Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:14 am

Nice bit of kit Peter :lol:

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Re: 2.4 metre Heron - quite a bird !

Postby uplink » Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:22 pm

...quite a bird - but the servos I'd used were nowhere near as good !

My Heron had its maiden flight on 20 June 2017.
And after just a few tweeking flights, I got to be well pleased with this plane - she would thermal well enough, but boy would she do aerobatics - some truly excellent stuff for a glider.

But then, after just 123 flights the left aileron servo just stopped working - it happened mid flight and locked up in an off neutral position - but of course, with the right aileron okay, I was able to get the Heron down, without too much of a struggle, for a reasonable landing.

Not so though on 26 Nov 2018, on fight number 192.

Indeed, the servo demon - he'd struck again.

Because on this flight it was the turn of the elevator servo - this time, no second servo to help out when things go wrong!

I was just pulling up at the end of a 'Humpty Bump' maneuver and the elevator locked in the full up position!
The Heron went into a loop - without me telling it to !
Which was rather a surprised and woke me up, rather quickly.
She then went into a series of deep stalls, all ending rather badly: nose first into the sheep pasture.

The good news - the Heron is made of strong stuff - a couple of cracks to sort and a few days later she was flying again.

The culprit:
IMG_5675Heron Elevator Servo LoRes.JPG
Worn & then bent brush finger causing servo failure

Yes, a while ago I wrote a piece about these servo brush finger failures and, ironically, it was only a couple of weeks before this elevator problem that I'd actually thought: I must get round to changing the elevator servos on a few of my well used planes before the brush gear on them fails.

Pity I didn't progress the thought into action at the time !

PS. the piece I wrote on the subject is on the forum page titled: Is Your Plane Maybe Flying By A Thread? on 28 April 2018.
Now THAT'S a thermal.

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